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  I have been involved with dog breeding since 1982 and my first breed
was rough collie.My first kennelname was Luck-Lustre. Official kennel
in FCI Calleca`ry since 1993. I have owned numerous different breeds.
Both for breeding and just as pets. At the moment I mainly work with
french bulldogs and pomeranian`s.
I got judging rights in 1991. FCI judge rights 1995. I have been a
judge in Estonia, Russia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden shows.
Judged Estonian Winner, Baltic Winner, Finland Winner and Scandinavian
Winner shows, also Champion of Champions show in Estonia.
Judging specialiti shows - english cocker spaniels, 2nd group(boxer and
rottweiler), dachshunds, shetland sheepdogs, rough and smooth
collies,dobermanns,welsh corgis(cardigan and pembroke),great danes and
Breeder Judge rough collies, dachshunds, whippets,french bulldogs and
american cocker spaniels.
Owned very diferent breeds: rough collies, whippets, miniature
long-haired dachund, bullmastiff, belgian and german shepherd, tibetan
mastiff, russian toy and american cocker spaniel. Both for breeding and just as pets.
At the moment I mainly work with pomeranians.


2010 kennel moved from Estonian Kennel Union to Finland and since 2014 in Finnish Kennel Union FCI judge.





 The Hero Dog of Estonia 2007 CALLECA`RY CUT A DASH


  Helin Tenson

E-mail :
Toukolantie 42D, 05200, Rajamäki, Nurmijärvi / Finland
Mobiil / Mobile phone : +358440898202



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